List homes, rental properties or cottages. The Realty Listing System was created for realty sites but it can be used for Used Vehicle Listings, Antiques, Classifieds or any other location-based product or service listing site .


OpenRealty features functionality that makes it easy for potential buyers to find the property they want. It includes detailed search, add to favorites, virtual tours, image slide show, send to a friend and Google Maps links for property listings.

OpenRealty Quick Facts

Launched in:
Features List:
Demo Username: agent
Demo Password: agent
Support Forum:
Mobile Compatible: Yes built in
Bilingual/Multilingual: No - requires extra coding
Canadian Sales Taxes: N/A
Licence: Open-source GNU|GPL

Contact kWEBdesign to-day to discuss your needs for a realty listing system or phone at (613) 857-9562.

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