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Publish an online magazine or newspaper for a niche market, your association members or the general public. Save money on production, printing, and delivery costs. Take advantage of the revenues generated by the growing digital publishing market. The online newspaper management systems functions to make publishing stories easy and fast.

Generate income through advertising and content that is available through paid content gating (subscription only). Your accessible and environmentally friendly publication can be read on computers, cellphones and other mobile devices.

OpenPublish is an open-source newspaper publishing Drupal CMS distribution developed by Phase2 Technology with the support of Thomson Reuters. OpenPublish uses Drupal as a framework, and incorporates best practices from other publishing sites as well as the newspaper publishing work flow. OpenPublish features a semantic metadata engine that uses Thomson Reuter's Calais Web Service to provide contextual metadata.


OpenPublish has been designed to meet the needs of any publisher - whether it's a magazine, newspaper, journal, broadcast, wire service or something in between. It is a flexible solution easily tailored to fit any organization's needs.

OpenPublish Quick Facts

Launched in: 2011
Features List:
Support Forum:
Mobile Compatible: Yes with addon and/or   templates
Bilingual/Multilingual: Yes
Canadian Sales Taxes: N/A
Licence: Open-source GNU|GPL

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