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kWEBdesign Has Your Mobile-Friendly Site Options

Mobile-Friendly Desktop Site

kWEBdesign can redesign your existing site so that it responds to mobile browser widths.

The browser will identify the users device and respond to the browser by adapting the layout using separate style sheets for different sized screens.

The site can be built using Joomla, Drupal or WordPress CMS. If it is a smaller site, using a responsive HTML5/CSS3 framework like Twitter Bootstrap will deliver a fast-loading, lean site.

Mobile-Only Site

kWEBdesign can build a mobile-friendly mirror version of your existing site.

Use your site's Google or web hosting analytics to find the most frequently accessed areas of your existing site and publish it in a condensed format to a mobile-only site. Build a mobile-only site if:

  • If you don't wish to redesign your existing site.
  • If your existing site has too much content for a mobile user to download quickly without incurring substantial data fees.
  • If your existing site content is too complex for a mobile browser. More...

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Mobile Apps

kWEBdesign can build an HTML5 app to use all the mobile and tablet operating system computing features.

HTML5 apps have a number of advantages

  • they can be used when no internet access is available
  • they can use the geolocation, camera, SMS, QR Codes and near field communication (NFC) functions of the smart phone
  • they can be personalized to provide custom functions
  • they can use the mobile operating system to do complex calculations or reporting
  • they can store and manipulate data
  • they are more secure than web-based applications. More...

You do not need to build an app for every type of phone operating system, kWEBdesign uses the today's leading edge web technology to adapt your app code to all mobile phone operating systems.

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Mobile-friendly Open-Source Content Management Systems

kWEBdesign can help you build feature-rich mobile-friendly CMS site adapted to your marketing needs.

Most small businesses and non-profit organizations can't afford the steep cost of custom web application development. That's why Joomla, Drupal and WordPress are the most popular open-source CMS today. They are free to download and use (a contribution to the open-source project is encouraged). Each CMS can use templates that use a tested method to adapt content layout to   mobile, tablet and desktop browsers.

If you already have a Joomla, Drupal or WordPress website, you can add a component and a template that will display selected pages in a mobile-friendly format. This will provide a cost-effective to make your site mobile-friendly. More...

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Mobile-Friendly HTML5 and CSS3 Static Sites

kWEBdesign uses Twitter Bootstrap to build advanced mobile-friendly static sites.

Static sites are a set of linked HTML files that are uploaded to the web server. They are not content management systems, each file has to be coded, edited and loaded to the web server. A static site has smaller files and fewer scripts and can execute it's functionality faster than a CMS.

Twitter Bootstrap is a jQuery/HTML5/CSS3 toolkit released by the developers of Twitter for rapid development of mobile-friendly web sites that work in all browsers. According to Wikipedia, it is the most popular project in GitHub. Twitter Bootstrap is used by NASA and MSNBC. Twitter Bootstrap uses responsive web coding to adapt its layout to tablet, mobile and desktop browser formats. More...

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