OpenPublic is an open-source, content management system (CMS) adapted and configured using Drupal 7.0. It's features, structure and interface are specially designed for government sites with the security, accessibility and flexibility requirements of the public sector.

OpenPublic creates fully accessible web pages that are WCAG 2.0 Level AA compliant in accordance with Section 14 of Ontario Regulation 191/11 (Integrated Accessibility Standards) for accessible websites and web content.

OpenPublic was assembled and built by Phase:II Technology as an open-source project. It is available to download free at the OpenPublic website.

OpenPublic is the most accessible and secure open-source CMS for government available. It has the following features:

  • Fully bilingual or multilingual site and control panel
  • Mobile accessible - all pages can be comfortably viewed on most mobile and smart phone screens
  • Media Room - enables the quick release of important information including press releases, videos, images in one accessible centralized repository
  • Event calendar
  • ability to integrate a Twitter feed on the site
  • Proper password handling complies with Level 2 of the NIST'S Electronic Authentication Guidelines
  • HTTPS is pre-configured
  • All forms come standard with CAPTCHA technology to prevent spam.


OpenPublic Quick Facts

Launched in: 2004
Features List:
Demo: Drupal backend
Demo Username: admin
Demo Password: demo123
Support Forum:
Mobile Compatible: Yes
Bilingual/Multilingual Site: Yes
Bilingual/Multilingual Control Panel: Yes
Canadian Sales Taxes: N/A
Licence: Open-source GNU|GPL

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